Twisted Wheel - The Aftershow @ Moho Live - 25.1.08

Forget the Sex Pistols reunion shows a couple of months ago, Twisted Wheel tonight was the closest thing to punk Manchester's seen in many many years!!!

Designer Magazine has followed the Wheel pretty much since day one when Jonny Brown Shoes stepped out from the confines of The Children and turned into the finest acoustic troubadour within the city walls. We've watched the band grow from fairly humble beginnings of them finding their sound at the Late Rooms to the madness we saw at the In The City show at Dry Bar to the bidding war that erupted afterwards, of which Columbia managed to get their signatures alongside Manchester's other must see band The Ting Tings.

Fresh from supporting the likes of Happy Mondays, The Buzzcocks and Ian Brown, Twisted Wheel's fanbase now represents real working class Manchester and for once their frontman is a poet of a generation rather than what's come previous with Noel Gallaghers "cobble it together" lyric sheet or Liam Fray post-Doherty lyrical outlook. Sure we're not quite sure what "Strife" or "You Stole The Sun"'s abstract lyrics are about but we know they mean something and with the beer and body flying around tonight we haven't got time to dissect them.

Within about 30 seconds tonight half the security in Manchester are on stage trying to fend of the followers, even the venue manager wades in and is starting to get worried. It says a lot about the safe predictable bands that came earlier tonight and how the bar is being raised and taken away from soft Southern manufactured indie boy bands.

Give it 6 months and Twisted Wheel will be selling out venues such as Academy 2 and giving the Courteeners a run for their money which can only be a good thing

Alex McCann
Photos: Kirsty Umback

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