US Bombs - Back At The Laundromat

Judging from the CDs monochrome cover the US Bombs are no spring chickens. They may not have youth on their side but age has hardly mellowed the band in terms of making ferocious punk music. Their punk rock credentials and ethos are to coin a phrase which was brutally slashed into Richey Manics arm - "For Real", the real deal, authentic, undiluted music, raw and powerful. Clocking in at just under thirty five minutes this is a short, sharp shock of an electrifying album.

The twelve tracks may sound very similar but you can't deny their dedicated enthusiasm. The shouty vocals on "Torra Tora Tora" recall early Green Day and the US Bombs sound uncannily like the Nipple Erectors (Shane MacGowans punk band from the 70s). They also recall the likes of the Pistols and on "Yer Country" Tempole Tudor - do you remember them with their big hit "Sword Of A Thousand Men". Its a good job a lyric sheet is provided as you can't exactly tell what lead vocalist Duane Peters is on about. The line up is completed by Kerry Martinez on guitars and bv's, Wade Walston on bass and bv's and Chip Hanna on drums and quelle surprise bv's.

US Bombs offer nothing new in either musical diversity or lyrical dexterity. Fans of old skool punk will love this album for its old fashioned feel and nostalgia factor of 1976. For that alone its a bargain if you happen to love punk music.

Nicholas Paul Godkin