In one corner we have the Busted Camp compromising of the Matt, Charlie and James plus McFly and V. In the other camp with we have Simon Webbe with the Blue boys, VS, Sara Lowes and a host of new talent including female MC Larese from a new girl group Ladeez (possibly spelt in an urban way like this but were not sure to honest). Designer Magazine caught up with Jaime and Marvin from VS as they prepared to release their 2nd single "Call U Sexy" and found out us indie boys might just be in there with Jaime and whether Marvin is that Marvin we all think he might be?

Q: Expectations are pretty high for this single after "Love You Like Mad" went Top 10. How's it feel?
Jaime: Any position is obviously good, but Top 10 is what were looking for. We've got amazing support in Manchester and throughout the Northwest really. Its much better regionally than London, I think London tends to latch onto things later at least musically anyway. They want to know if the rest of the country likes it and then it's like "Ok, we do too".

It was really good when we came back to Manchester. The minute we got in I said to Chinya, cos she's from Manchester as well, lets put the radio on and see whether they're playing our track and 3 tracks later we were on.

Q: "Call You Sexy" seems a lot more instant than the first single. Agree?
Jaime: That's good. That must be an age thing. All the little kids thought "Love You Like Mad" was more catchy and all the people our age seem to think this one was better

Q: Tell us about the single. It's a call and response track from the girls to the boys and vice versa
Jaime: Basically it's about the girls telling the guys why they think they're sexy and the guys telling the girls why they think they're sexy. Not necessarily on a sexual level. More like a cool thing.

Q: The Misteeq ladies like boys with a hip-hop style, you like boys with a gangster style. Is their any hope for indie boys?
Jaime: Awww. of course there is. That's one genre, its not sectioning anyone out. I like guys with long hair so indie boys have definitely got it in there with me.

Q: Have you ever or would you ever go out with a real gangster?
Jaime: Not my style really. Especially in Manchester cos most of them think they're plastic gangsters don't they. And I don't think So Solid are really gangsters even though their music tries to emulate that. Nah, So Solid...not really my style!!!

Q: So if I was in a club how would I get your attention?
Jaime: Just come up and chat to me

Q: What's been the best and worst chat up lines you've heard from a guy?
Jaime: Oh god. I've had some really daft one. One really rubbish one was I was listening to the Tim Westwood show and he had Tyrese in and Tyrese was saying "I'd like to tell a lady she had a body like a Bentley" and two days later a guy came up to me and was like "You've justgot a body like a Bentley. I'd love to drive it". OH MY GOD - how pathetic, what a saddo!!!

I've never actually been up to a guy myself and tried to chat him up. It never happened that was for me cos normally get to know a guy and then I like him.

Q:  Without using the line "I couldn't choose any of them cos they're all like my brothers" which is the sexiest guy in VS?
Jaime: They're all sexy in their own ways. Blimi's got the muscles and the little thug love. Ryan's obviously good looking and he's a great mover and Marvin's the little sweet boy who you could take home to your mum.

Q: So are you free and single at the moment?
Jamie: I am yeah. I broke up with my boyfriend the Xmas just gone. Work got in the way - he was living in Manchester and I was living in London and obviously with our career now we have to dedicate everything to our career and it's hard to much else out of work.

Q: Where's the best guys Manchester or London?
Jaime: Ohhh Manchester by far, come on!!! Northern Lads!!!!

Q: So pre-VS what were you doing?
Jaime: I was at University in London studying law and I went back to Manchester to help look after my gran cos she got cancer. Whilst I was looking after her I was working in Openshaw Working Mens club with my mum and some other family members cos my mum was Landlady at the time. It was like something straight out of Phoenix Nights. Peter Kay actually went there to do the research for Phoenix Nights series...so I went from Phoenix Nights to on-stage at Wembley with Blue in a matter of months.

When I went back there when  they released "Love You Like Mad" they were playing it in there and all the old ones were clapping and singing along. They wanted me to get up there on stage, but it was like no way!!!

Q: You knew Simon before the band, you were rapping with him weren't you?
Jaime: We've been friends for years. Before he was in Blue we used to do music just as a mess about and a hobbie if he was down at studio cos quite a lot of his friends have got studios round Manchester and that. We just used to go in and have a chill out session and write some music...that was many years ago now.

Q: Did you do music with anyone else apart from Simon?
Jaime: Nothing serious with my friends. I used to be in a Steel Band called Steel Tempo that was based in Oldham and me and the girls in the band used to do music there. One of the girls in the band ended up forming a band called Sweet Female Attitude and brought out that song "Flowers". Her brothers are producers in Manchester, Wayne Brown and Adam Brown, i've done some work with them as well

Q: Didn't you dance as well?
Jaime: I've been in a few music videos. The naffest one was this American boy band that came over to England to do the video so straight away you knew they were naff. The other really naff one was for this artist called Skin who used to sing with Soul 2 Soul, everyone had to writhe around in this big pool of foam in tiny outfits.

My favourite one where I had the best time was Beverly Knight "Made It Back". I had a great time, made a load of friends and Beverley Knight is lovely - a really nice girl.

Q: So when you got together with VS, what were you first impression of the other guys?
Jaime: When I first met everyone I thought they were really shy and quiet. Cos i'm the oldest in the group everyone seems quite young and as I got to know everyone they were really sweet. It was like Wow, Simon put 5 of together and we all get on. He's done really well picking the right people.

We've been together for two years now and obviously the first release was February. So it was about 18 months we'd been together before we released, but prior to that we'd been on 2 Blue tours - the Guilty Tour and the One Love Tour. We got put on the One Love Tour literally 2 days after we signed our record deal so we really got thrown in the deep end.

Q: Like Busted have McFly and V on their side. Is Simon getting his empire together with Blue, VS and Sara Lowes?
Jaime: Tonight on TOTP's he's got another of his artists with them. A girl Larise from his girl group Lady is guest rapping on the new Blue single "Bubblin" and she's gonna be on the show tonight with em. It's an empire where everyone plays on everyone else's records!!!

.....ENTER MARVIN.....

Q: We've just found out what Jaime was up to before VS. What did Marvin do?
Marvin: Basically before I did VS I was doing a bit of acting on Holby City on the BBC. I was doing that for 3 years and also I was working at a supermarket in Marks and Spencers cos I hadn't long left school. I'm only 19 and i'd joined VS just after I left school at 17. Acting i'd done loads of things though - Grange Hill, Holby City, Oliver in the West End.

Q: It was always music you wanted to do though?
Marvin: Yeah, definitely. My passion is singing, so I always knew that I wanted to be on stage performing songs. But I enjoy all aspects of entertainment.

Q: We have to ask cos no-one can find a definite answer - are you the Marvin from Marvin and Tamara?
Marvin: No (laughs). I used to get that when I was little, but it's not me. Good luck to him wherever he is though

Q: Have you been in bands before though?
Marvin: I haven't been in a band before. I used to do some solo stuff before though and that's how I met Simon. I had a solo demo album and I met Simon at Soccer Six and handed him my demo cd. Luckily he looking for someone for a band and that was me.

Q: Who was your big inspiration growing up?
Marvin: Definitely Michael Jackson. I really loved him when I was little. Also people like Usher, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder - proper pioneers of music. You can never judge a persons life like his (MJ) cos you're never going to experience it, but whatever he's done innocent or guilty i'll still be a fan of his music.

Q: So for the past 2 years you've been doing the album then?
Marvin: We've been making tracks for the album for 2 years, but the last 2 or 3 months we've actually been mastering everything. We've worked in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and back in London. We've just got one track to do tomorrow and it's finished then. The albums more R&B than what people have heard, but there's something on there for everyone. There's a couple of ballads, midtempo, uptempo, a couple of club tracks.

We all bring something different to the group cos we're all different ages and have different influences. Blimi loves his Tupac, Jaime loves her ragga, Chinya's into reggae, Ryans into pop and i'm into Jazz R&B.

"Call U Sexy" is out now on Innocent
The VS album is out later in the year
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