Velvet Stone - Velvet Stone

You'll probably know Ollie from his time in boy band Point Break but if you're thinking a mixed sex seven piece band have been done before, think again. The difference with Velvet Stone is they're a live band and their influences are more Bon Jovi, Savage Garden, Heart and Texas then S Club 7 or Steps.

Power ballad "Wasting Time" is very adult orientated rock with a touch of Bryan Adams about it. You can almost see the lighters being held aloft at one of their concerts as couple cuddle up together. It's even made more complete with a wicked guitar solo from Dean on the 80s style track. More uptempo and immediate is "Like You" - a funky, optimistic song with a tight arrangement. The vocals are passionate and packed with passion, energy and attitude and "One Good Reason" is a semi-acoustic love song and not dissimilar to the new direction A1 are taking. Echoes of Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" are detected on "Happy For You" with a rather cringe worthy rap, which is a bit too PJ and Duncan for my tastes.

Currently unsigned Velvet Stone have made an above average album and deserve to have interest from record labels as there are singles in the chart which pale in comparison to what essentially is a demo from an unsigned band. In a land of Pop Idols and covers by boy bands, Velvet Stone could add a bit of life and vitality with their brand of poptastic music.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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