Vex Red

Introducing Terry, Anthony, Nash, Keith and Nixon - VEX RED. Less than 6 months ago these 5 hopefuls sent a demo tape off to Kerrang after big name Producer Ross Robinson (Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Amen) put out a request for some British bands. He promptly signed them up on his I Am label (the only other signings being Amen), took them into the studio and sent them on the path to success. We caught up with them on their first tour with Raging Speedhorn and Charger to find out what all the fuss is about.

Q: How did Ross Robinson get involved with you guys?
A: We'll tell you about the rumours we heard today. 1) Were manufactured 2) Were all 17 and American 3) We won a talent contest - What? We couldn't even win an untalent contest. You know Popstars, the TV Show. We all went to audition for Rockstars where we had to throw guitar shapes instead of dance routines.

There was an article in Kerrang that said Ross Robinson wanted to hear some demos from some English Bands. We sent a demo with about 5000 other people and didn't think anything would come of it. About a month later he gave us a call - it was the biggest news of our lives!!!

He came over for the Kerrang Awards and arranged almost like an audition for us all. It was him and Casey Chaos and we just played really, really badly - we were so shit that day. In December we went in the studio for a couple of weeks.

Q: What's your background before this happened?
A: Were all from Hampshire but since Ross got involved we've moved to Cornwall - just to get away and write the album. Were getting at one with nature down there, were getting at one with the sheep and trees. Were living down in Cornwall because were working in SW1 Studios, the place where recorded the demos we sent Ross. Its got a really good sound in there and Ross wanted to use that rather than the big studios he'd used before.

Q: For people who haven't heard you how would you describe your sound?
A: Basically were a rock band. Were not about anger or coming for anybody's parents - we've come for their daughters. Were a band for the ladies - we've come on your daughters!!! The songs are about death, maiming and dinners for two. Were talking about August / September for the first single.

Q: So this Raging Speedhorn tour is your first. How's it going?
A: Were coping better than I thought we would, its going really well. Especially on a tour like this which is really heavy everybody has been really nice to us. Were not as heavy as Speedhorn or Charger so we have to go on stage and work it really hard to get the crowd to do anything.

On the next tour we'll probably support a lighter band, but we'll still keep this mentality of rocking out whenever. Its really good that we can play on a tour like this and then perform with a band who is really light.

Q: You're actually signed in America. Do you ever worry that you'll become the next Bush?
A: Fuck it, now way!!! Why worry if we become the new Bush sort-of-thing? Bush became like that because no one over here gave a shit, that why they went over there. People over in the states appreciated the music and from that they've been able to come back here and do well here.

I don't think we will end up like Bush though. Our management are looking at breaking us everywhere as opposed to trying to break one country at a time.