Warren Stacey

Looking back in retrospect it seems that Warren Stacey is in the most enviable position out of the whole Popstars series. The 2nd Hear'say album has flopped, Liberty are stuck with a court case over their name and Darius is well...being Darius!!! On the other hand Warren Stacey has signed to hip label Def Jam records (once home to Snoop Doggy Dogg), has got a fantastic debut single out soon in "My Girl, My Girl" and looks to achieve that credibility that all other popstars strive so long for. We caught up with him to find out how he came from a humble background singing in a church to one of Britain's most promising Urban Stars.

Q: What's been happening for you since Popstars then?
A: Its been one big fairy tale daydream kind of experience...its been really surreal. This year the way things have come about, I couldn't have planned it any better. From the show, to meeting my management to going in and signing with the record company.

The guy (Vice President of Def Jam Records) who signed me had never actually seen Popstars, he's based in the US. He wasn't in the country when Popstars on so he'd never seen me, heard about me or read anything about me...he just like what he saw and signed me on the spot basically!!!

I went to Atlanta, recorded out there, did my video and now I'm here.

Q: Are you happier working as a solo artist as opposed to working in a group?
A: Definitely. The whole experience with Hear'say...I don't think I know anybody who would not have loved the opportunity to get into that band at the time. I wanted it at the time but deep down ultimately I wanted to be a solo artist and I wanted to be an entertainer and now I have that opportunity so I'm really excited.

I started singing in a choir at church, so I guess that's kind of my background. Its a real dream for me and everyday I wake up and I'm so grateful to be able to wake up and do what I've always dreamed of doing. To be able to go out on stage in front of thousands of people and entertain them is an amazing experience.

Q: Tell us a bit about your debut single "My Girl, My Girl"?
A: Its R&B pop track, uptempo and I love it!!! When anybody compares me to anyone else I don't mind because there's always someone who's been there before you. Its cool if somebody needs someone to compare you to, to describe what you do, then its cool...but I'm a bit perplexed when they say I look like Craig David though!!!

Q: Was it important for you that you signed to Def Jam and were you aware of the label before you signed?
A: I've always listening to Def Jam artists whether it be Beastie Boys, Run DMC or LL Cool J. I would never have thought to go to Def Jam because it was too much of a dream....and then it came to me.

Its really cool that Urban music as a whole is doing well...whether is Missy Elliot or Janet. The "What's Going On" remake was really cool because you've got people like Eve and Nas next to Christina and N'Sync - boundaries are just being crossed and that's really healthy.

This years (2001) been a real dream...so why not shoot for another dream. I'd love a number 1 single and to able to sell loads of albums.

"My Girl, My Girl" out early February on Def Jam

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