Pure, undiluted rock and roll in the Zep. Hendrix manner are delivered by the For Tomorrows with a gusto and energy that the crowd at the V-Man event appreciate.  The Keith Moon like figure on drums looks as though he would like the chance of driving a roller into a private swimming pool.  The rough vocal delivery of the front man as he screams “She’s Breaking My Heart” fits  the style of early Free or Robert Plant

Fresh from winning a Battle of the Bands event in Cardiff, and securing a place at the Leeds festival, the local pied pipers of the young Manchester gig-goers, The Children, have attracted another large crowd that appear to know the songs as well as the band.  Despite loosing blood as a result of an un-described event earlier in the day,  the band delver a set that initially leans heavily onto the baggy style of early Madness, before moving into a more solid guitar based sound that has the crowd linking their arms and moving up and down as one

Eclectic is one word that springs to mind when trying to relay what goes on at a Loungs gig.  It’s not a case of  following just one particular genre for a set, but this group can mix and matching  3 or more different categories in the space of a single  song .  It can be disconcerting at first, as the brain tries to reconcile Beach Boys style harmonies with sea shanties the space of one song before giving it and just going along with the flow .

The hotly tipped Wax Planet play a short set that illustrates their potential.  Twelve months on from inception, the band takes to the stage in a confident manner, bolstered by a segment of onlookers that know the lyrics, and shout out for requests.  Their sparkly, guitar based pop can be deceptively set against some darker leanings.   All the 3 front men/guitarist want to harmonise & address the mic. stand so comparisons with other, more established bands will inevitably – and have been – made.  For a hot summer’s night, it’s good enough for me

Words / Photos: Ged Camera - www.camera1.free-online.co.uk

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