We Are Scientists - 53 Degrees Preston - 5.11.07

There are changes in the We Are Scientists camp in 2007. Original drummer Michael Topper dramatically left and has only just been replaced at the last minute for this tour and considering how little time he's had to rehearse, he's adapted superbly. Formerly a trio WAS now have a new member on guitar and keyboards. And with all these changes to contend with the bands bassist Chris Cain has severely trimmed his 70s porn style moustache. While all these physical transformations take place it's reassuring to discover that We Are Scientists still have a good laugh with each other, embrace their inner dork and dress like proud retailers of charity shop.

53 Degrees sold out this gig pretty damn quick and it's not surprising considering this is the bands only north west date on this tour. The small minority of louts at the front throw beer at the band, but bizarrely items of clothing like a jacket reach the stage. Chris Cain casually tries on this colourful garment and despite being a bit small for the lanky bass player it really suits him. The band chat to each other and to the crowd that it's never a case of the band and crowd being a separate entity, its an equal partnership. Frontman Keith Murray is such a laid back chap but he's not afraid to rock out, but never in an aggressive manner.

Kicking off energetically with the crowd pleasing hit single "Nobody Move", everyone's dancing and singing along and the party atmosphere is in full swing. We Are Scientists play a good mix of singles, album tracks and some new material from their next album released early next year. After the self proclaimed smash "It's A Hit" a new song "Altered Beast" is played an it's certainly something a little bit different for the band. A bit moody with a great emphasis on sythensizers and unusually for those great masters of mirth it's almost downbeat. When the chorus arrives its back to basics, but we're intrigued by this ever so slight change of direction.

Finishing on a high with "Great Escape" We Are Scientists celebrate Guy Falkes night by burning brighter than any bonfire, playing louder than any firework and banging the house down without a single match being struck.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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