Will Young Live - DVD

Of all the Pop Idol contestants it's Will Young who constantly rubbed me up the wrong way so it's somewhat of a chore to actually watch a whole concert of Young's on DVD. From the opening credits when we seem his bumbling idiot head which screams out "I went to university and studied politics because I came from a privileged background and yet now i'm singing cover versions for a living and expressing opinions which i've learnt line for line from my press officer". It's also the very same person that managed to release a charity record "You & I / Don't Let Me Down" which ended up being one of the lowest selling charity records in history...so even when his hearts in the right place he still manages to stumble at the final hurdle.

Built on much the same format as Gareth's Live DVD we get 63 minutes of concert footage alongside an 18 minute documentary in which were meant to take a glimpse into what it's like to rehearse for an arena tour. Although "Evergreen" has grown on us, much like Hear'says "Pure & Simple" did, and his cover of "I Get The Sweetest Feeling" are the DVD's highlights you still get the feeling that Will Young should simply be singing for his family at Xmas rather than being a fully paid up member of pop. Popstars are about far more than just having a great voice or a great song - it's about having enough personality to sustain interest over a period of time. Although the rules of pop suggest that it's 3 albums, a greatest hits and then out just look at the days when a Pop Act could stretch their careers over a decade, Kylie or Robbie Williams are two that spring to mind. With Will there is nothing to suggest that he's going to be around after the second album which could sell or bomb on the basis of his comeback single.

I find it hard to reason why people would want to watch Will Young live, never mind buy a DVD to watch it repeatedly. He doesn't have the sex appeal of Gareth, the humour of Robbie Williams and the songs to compete with S Club Juniors. In short it won't be long before his career is down the toilet.

Alex McCann

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