Winnebago Deal - Plato O Plomo

It's nigh on impossible to review this album without mentioning The White Stripes. Like our American friends, Winnebago Deal are a duo who between themselves play guitar, vocals and drums. However Winnebago Deal hail from Oxford, aren't married or related as the two Bens, Perrier and Thomas's music is a lot more aggressive, punky and angrier than the couple from Detroit. Winnebago Deal were first discovered by Fierce Panda when the band were thrilling the Fugazi crowd at London's Forum at the end of 2002. Their album "Plato O Plomo" was recorded in just three days at London's Fortress Studio. Imagine the best elements of Fu Manchu and Black Flag and you'll have an idea of what to expect.

The closest Winnebago Deal get to slowing things down is on "Whiskey Business" which lyrically is an alcohol fuelled tale of misadventure, destruction and debauchery. Elsewhere the band really know how to deliver a full scale assault to the ears such as "Two Minute Warning" and the closing track "Nitro Ground Shaker" which amongst all the mayhem is surprisingly catchy.

"Plato O Plomo" is short, to the point, no nonsense unpretentious metal from beginning to end. There may only be two of them but boy they can sure make a hell of a racket. If this floats your boat you can catch Winnebago Deal on tour this month supporting Burning Brides or at the Kerrang Weekender on April 12th.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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