Some may say a band can never beat the genius of "World In Motion" by New Order and Three Lions by Baddiel & Skinner still is chanted on the terraces, but who are the best contenders of this years England World Cup 2006 songs? Who will be the songs that David Beckham and Theo Walcott sing their hearts our to while winning on the pitch? Which will be the song to aurally massage Rooney's foot back to full health?

Designer Magazine is personally backing The Laddz "Chant Like An English Fan" for the best song by far. The real alternative selection the band are taking a totally DIY approach from recording and producing it all inhouse to making their own video. Wiping the floor with the competition it takes The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian" as it's musical base and throws over the top some lyrical gems. Since Designer Magazine started backing the track back in the end of March the likes of The Daily Star (who said the Laddz would be the next Arctic Monkeys and make it on the net),  XFM, Kerrang Radio, Channel 4 News, Sky Sports and various highly respected websites have jumped on board and offered their support.

You can hear the track online at The Laddz myspace site here -

We could suck corporate cock and say the Embrace track is fabulous, it ain't, it's a crock of shit and we actually normally like Embrace. The same goes for Justin Hawkins British Whale Song and the less said about Crazy Frog and Christine & Neil Hamilton the better. Here's a few of the outsider contenders that Designer Magazine have been listening to:

One Man & His Beard is a bit of a Manc legend with an extensive knowledge of just about every band in the last 20 years. On "Gonna Start Winning From Today" he takes a drum machine, punk as f**k guitar and his own original vocal style. It has to be heard to be believed and just wait till 3"55' to hear the best part of the song. Here is here -

Dear Eskiimo are longstanding friends of Designer Magazine after we reviewed their first ever gig at Star & Garter. "Jo" isnt an official World Cup Song, but the phrase "jo up in your head" will surely be repeated when Joe Cole scores. Here the track at

Van Tramp's "New England" is the bridging point between Billy Bragg and U2 and comes from their debut album. Classic rock without the spandex ala the Darkness this is another track which isn't an official World Cup song, but has been adopted as one. Listen to the track online at

When approaching bands regarding opinions on this years World Cup Songs it said as much about the state of PR and the Media as it did about rock n roll. Bands that were usually happy to talk to Designer Magazine were strangely quiet when it came to opinions on this years songs and in many cases we're suspicious that their views went against what their label mates were here's the bands that dared to speak the truth about this years songs:

"I think its good, its a nice change from the normal cheesy bollocks. Nice to have a bit of rock to go along with football" Mike Cass-Linchpin on the Laddz "Chant Like An English Fan"

Linchpin are currently recording their debut album set for release at the end of the Summer, followed by a tour. More info on Linchpin at

PETE CHERRY FROM WEAPONS (changed name from Weapons Of Mass Belief) - Debut album out Sept 06

The Laddz: This has all the makings of a good terrace chant but it's got too many lyrics for the average trashed Enlish punter. Try saying Vindaloo a few more times. Oh, and the singer sounds like he swallowed a comb. Nice idea though.

Embrace: Unforgiveable wank from the this mob. Likely to send the most rabid/pissed up hooligan into a coma from bar one. Been rightly trashed by the media already. This is what you get from being mates with Coldplay. A lesson to be learned all round I think.

Ant/Dec: Only snippets to be had so far but sounds like Black Lace in a Travel Tavern. Will almost certainly be the most popular with ugly people all over the country. My tip for the top!

Weapons bring out their debut album in Sept 2006. For more info

"We think that the Embrace song is really really bad... our favourite song for this World Cup is 'Come On England' which we found on myspace, the address is as far as we can tell it's made by unknowns, but it's got agreat sing-along chorus, good little puns here and there, and an uplifting quality to it. We APARTMENT vote for the underdog at

Apartment are  releasing a limited edition 7” blue vinyl release called ‘My Brother Chris’ (about Boy kill Boy lead singer). It will be available for a limited period from 3rd July. Alternatively download it from i-Tunes and all other leading download sites. For more info

They support England Blitz by Bell & Spurling Martin Bell plays football with us for Iron Maiden FC and he always puts out funny songs. His last offerings were 'Goldenballs' and 'Sven Goren Ericsson' both which got into the top ten. Let's hope this one does the same, he might buy a few beers!!

Voodoo 6 release the album "Feed My Soul" on August 21st. For more info

I'm sorry but i think lads shouting arn't quite up our alley. plus we're bitter and twisted about the world cup because its delayed our album release and we don't even like watching football. sorry xx johnj 

Pink Grease release their 2nd album later this year. More info at

JOHN ROBB (Gold Blade / Journalist)
I think Sham 69 will get the hit

Gold Blade's latest album "Rebel Songs"  is out of the best punk albums in years so buy it

The Laddz's "Chante Like An English Fan" considerably better than Koopa's truly abysmal "Stand Up For England" effort. The standard this year is awful! Embrace's song is dull beyond belief, it's the musical equivalent of a 0-0 draw... I haven't heard Justin Hawkins song but I won't get my hopes up. Can't we just re-release World In Motion every four years? Cheerio. HENRY!

Dartz play selected dates around the country over the summer. For more info

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