Welcome To The World Of Orange - Welcome To The World Of Orange

High spirited and rhythmically tuneful autonomy is fired with precision by this catchy and endearing Los Angeles punk act. Simplicity, passion and dreaming are exposed in the bouncy opener; ‘Hollywood’ that is a kin to Sham 69 escorting Green Day to a Sex Pistols gig. Irreverence runs through this offering like a streaker at a football match and is on full show in ‘Cool Mexicans’. Throbbing riffs and Tim Armstrong meets John Robb vocals provided by John Denman give the track that captivating, yet light-hearted feel.

The glory of the weekend and freedom from the trudge of the working week is anthemically covered in the punchy ‘No Rest for the Weekend’. It is hard to imagine that this quartet are still of American high school age and that they should be attending Rancid gigs and not upstaging them. ‘Affirmation Song’ is catchy, vibrant and free spirited, boy it has been a while since I have seen those adjectives used when describing a modern punk band. Final track ‘Orange’ poses the question that has played lexicographers for years:

“Oh, why does nothing rhyme with orange?”

Welcome to the World of Orange; have created a punk utopia for you to bask in.

David Adair

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