Young Offenders Institute - Manchester Academy 3 - 9.5.06

When Young Offenders Institute played their first ever gig as part of the annual In The City showcases there were talks of A&R Men, journalists and industry walking out only to do an about turn 2 seconds later resulting in a queue halfway round the building. 18 months later The Young Offenders Institute are still unsigned due to the simple fact that while us Northerners understand these Manchester psycho's the poncy southerners prefer their scally rock to be a little more non-threatening and digestible like the Streets.

Tonight set features not one but three versions of "Acid Man", their signature tunes "We Are The Young Offenders" and new song "Manchester Psycho" which admittedly is no replacement for the classic tunes "Havin' A Party" and "Jiggy Giro". We also get a happy birthday singalong for mumsy got every bad lad loves his mum innit.

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Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Kirsty Umback

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