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10 Reasons Promoters Aren't Booking Your Touring Band

Designer Magazine book touring bands and we love it when we can put on bands in Manchester for the first time

Of our 6 gigs a month we usually have 1-2 touring bands playing each month, but that means we have to turn a lot of bands down

And when we have to turn bands down it's generally for the same reasons many other promoters turn bands down

Are these possibly the reasons you're being turned down for touring shows?

1. You've asked for a gig at such short notice venue / local supports can't be booked

2. You're part of a package tour and the promoter only likes your band (yes pop punk / metal bands - you!)

3. You're part of a package tour and a promoter would rather book one great touring band and local supports

4. You're asking for a fee that's unworkable for your first time in town

5. You rarely update your Social Network sites and aren't proactive with the band

6. You clearly have bought fake facebook fans / twitter followers / youtube views and it leaves an element of distrust

7. You have only played 1 local gig and haven't built up a buzz around your band

8. You offer nothing that isn't available locally in the music scene

9. You don't have any high quality recordings / biog / press photos to help push to local bands and also press / radio

And of course the all important one.......

10. Simply your music isn't good enough

With that all said and done

Is your band special? Do you want to play a Manchester gig?

Look here http://designermagazine.org/ManchesterBands.htm

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