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3 Simple But Effective Booking Tips For Bands

We included this in a recent mailout to Manchester bands and looking back at it now we wanted to share it with our wider readers in bands

Simple and effective, but they do work so please let us know what you think

If you're not on our Manchester band database already please read this page here and fill in the form as well so we can keep you up to date with support slots opportunities


BOOKING TIP 1: Book a Residency
On Funf & Baker Maker we're looking for quality & hard working indie / alternative bands to book a 3 month residency at The Roadhouse

Choose either the 1st Sat or the 3rd Sat of the month respectively

Book 3 monthly gigs in a row at a quality music venue with 4 different bands surrounding you each month

Make each set different to reflect all sides of the bands personality

Email designermagazine@hotmail.com for residency bookings from March 2013 onwards

BOOKING TIP 2: Book A Gig Around Your Band Members Birthdays
Always a great time to celebrate with all your friends, family and fans

So many of our best gigs have been when bands plan ahead around their birthdays ... and even better they get extra presents :)

Let us know in advance when your birthday is and we can book up some great gigs for you

Email designermagazine@hotmail.com for birthday bookings

BOOKING TIP 3: All Ages Gigs for the hyper local community
Did you know a lot of our Dry Bar gigs are 14+ gigs

Are you in a older band that knows a younger band just around the corner from you (or vice versa)

Bring your hyper local community together with all generations together for one massive party in the centre of Manchester

When i'm not doing music my other passion is supporting struggling town centres and independent shops - you'd be amazed at the passion of those supporting local talent and creatives is alive andwell and with the power of 2 locals togetherits sure to bring people together

Get in touch with those local bands you'd like to have a city centre party with and then email designermagazine@hotmail.com


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