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5 reasons You Should Change The Set list and Feel Of Your Set Every Single Gig
By Scott Fair of ‘The Fevers’

If you have ever seen ‘The Fevers’ live, then you will know what we are all about. Beats that make your feet beg to be danced upon and bass so funky it feels like getting punched in the eardrums by a small reptile with fiery fists. One other thing you may have noticed, if you are a more experienced Fevers follower, is our desire to consistently update our set list. This is not merely because of our short attention spans, although it is mainly that (thanks iPods). The reason that we like to change up our live performances can be summed up as easily as lumping everything in to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ categories (as seen in Donnie Darko).

So here are ‘The Fevers’ 5 reasons for changing your set list regularly:

1. Keep Enjoying it! - Of course, a band is only as good as its weakest member. So if your bass player is getting tired of playing the 4 root notes, in that “hit” you guys have been playing for 8 years, then the audience are unlikely to be getting wet. Get your new songs in the set while you are still excited by them and it will show on stage, even if there are a few duff notes.

2. Mine That Untapped Gold – A lot of bands tend to play the songs they think the crowd will enjoy most. In a lot of cases the songs that are best received are the ones you’d least expect. Don’t try to hard to please the audience, that experimental tune you’ve been working on may just be the thing that makes you stand out from that ‘poor mans Stone Roses’ who played before you.

3. Find Yourself – You can never expect to become the thing you’re destined to be straight away (see “the laughing gnome” by David Bowie). Your sound and image need time to evolve. If your shows are pretty empty, then take the chance to experiment and try out new material.

4. Treat Your Fans Like Royalty – But not literally. Those poor fools, who drag themselves to every gig, because you promised in high school that when you got famous you’d take them with you, should always enjoy your show. The faithful fans don’t want to hear the same set month in month out so treat them to a new tune or a forgotten classic.

5. Monkey See…. – Come and see The Fevers and you’ll understand why keeping things fresh as Tesco’s Shetland burgers will have you rolling in fans before you know it. Next gig @ Manchester Roadhouse, Saturday April 6th

Check out new single “Heartbeats (like a drum)” @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfzSNkJVo10
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thefeversuk

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