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A few common and unacceptable reasons for cancelling a gig

When you've been a promoter for 9 years you've heard most pull out excuses time and time again, but a flurry of posts from other Manchester promoters seems its becoming much more of a common thing so we thought we'd share a few of the common reasons promoters and other bands on the bill won't take too kindly to

  • I can't get the night booked off work
  • We're not going to bring anybody so we might as well pull out
  • Feud between the band
  • A holiday you've mysteriously found out you have booked the night before the gig
  • Can't get transport
  • Our equipment is stuck in the rehearsal room
  • A tickly cough
  • No money to get to the gig

One facebook poster potentially topped the lot with excuses he's heard

"I've had include a missing cat, an argument with the missus, a papercut (I shit you not) and that the singer once broke up with an ex in the venue and didn't want the bad memories.

Declan from Youth added "If you walk you can play you gotta man up and get on with it for your fans, you don't see bands and artists pulling out a show cause they've got a cold or a sore throat. Case in point bat for lashes you could see she was clearly struggling to sing when I went to see her but she manned up and got on with it, that's how you gain fans and respect.

Craig Butterworth of The Room summed up it as eloquently as possible as to having no reason to pull a gig

"Any reason barring close family bereavement. Nothing should stop a gig. A gig should be equally as important as getting to work in a morning"


What if....
the sound engineer pulled out of the gig?
The cashier?
Bar staff?
security staff?

Doors wouldn't open

Act responsible when you book a gig as all others do involved in putting a gig on

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