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Are you in the 50 Percent Club?

I was coming home from a gig recently and as I do regularly I was thinking over what went well and what didn't go so well and a phrase sprung out


What is it and how do you join?

The 50% Club are the people that put 50% effort in, but still expect the results to be 100% success

The 50% Club are the ones that have more people coming to the gig than are on stage, but expect a sold out sign as they walk up to the venue

The 50% Club are the ones who only bring 50% of the equipment they need for a gig and expect other bands to lend it to them

I could go on, but you get the idea....

The 50% Club isn't exclusive to bands, they exist in all aspects of life (oh yes and that includes promoters as well) and non give a better glaring example than on the recent C4 Program The Intern with Hilary Devey

Each week 3 young people get the chance to go for their dream job and are set a series of tasks in which by the end of the program, the one that has the best fit for the job get it

The first episode this week the 3 people had the chance at a trainee manager's position at a five-star hotel chain.

Prior to starting they were given a prep talk and advice via Devey, further advice from the hotel management and set on their way

Who do you think go the job? The ones that ignored the advice and made excuses or the ones that took the advice to heart and had a can do attitude to any problem - you don't even need to answer that!!

For bands there's a wealth of advice out there that can be taken on board, used for each stage of your career and advice that make every single gig better than the last

Those who read the music press will remember, every new U2 album that comes out Bono always declares they're "Reapplying for the job of the best band in the world"

Every gig you play Make Promises, No Excuses, be polite and give nothing less than 100%

You can sure as hell put money on it that any band in your record collection isn't in the 50% club


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