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'Can you hear me/talking to myself?' Roars Jamie Birkett of Doctrines, on the song with the same name on their EP 'O This Body Of Mine, I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime'. (Free download at http://doctrines.bandcamp.com). It seems the answer is yes, as the Salford quartet have caused a few ears to prick up.

The band are a force of punk noise to be reckoned with; sitting on the spectrum of heaviness equidistant from 'the vocabulary in Katie Price's latest novel' and 'Prince Harry's head post-Royal Knees Up’: A compelling cocktail of indie and rock with a dash punk edge for good measure, to keep you on your toes. The results are dynamic Pixie-esqe screeches, Modest Mouse surfer vibes, and undeniable soulfulness, which instantly grab you upon first listen.

The EP is full of consistent beauties such as the infinitely uplifting and surprising danceable Dirty, Dirty Animals; the jagged and powerful Anglophobia; and 'Hey Plasticface', an explosion of perfectly uncomplicated lyrics with mighty vocals and thundering rhythms, featuring a ‘big finish’ in the form of a cacophonous instrumental finale.

Doctrines, it's not just yourself you're talking to, we can hear you loud and clear, and we're most definitely listening.

Find them at www.facebook.com/doctrinesband

Words: Lucy Holt

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