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BUZZIN' 35 : ReConnected

Designer Magazine first met ReConnected shortly after their stint on Britain's Got Talent as part of the boyband Connected. Bizarrely it wasn't at the Arena tour they'd just done, but a charity appearance at a local hairdressers where a handful of pre-teen girls mobbed them for photos

Shortly after the 5 became 3 and ReConnected was born with Harry Mondryk, Max Mondryk and Matt Fitzgerald and although they've kept active around the country singing cover versions - it's really now that they have a full set of original material ready to go that we can assess them on their merits. And if early indications of the youtube clips so far coupled with one sold out hometown show and a 2nd show close to selling out then the lads have got a bright future ahead of them

Here's what we know so far on the songs

* They're working with writer Tim Woodcock who's written and produced for Gary Barlow, JLS, Eliza Doolittle and James Morrison

* But as they're only about 15 or 16 now there's no songs about "clubs" so far - which is great because we've had enough of club references in songs

* What they sound like is Westlife when they were still good (i.e the debut album with Flying Without Wings, Swear It Again, If I Let You Go) and Take That's best ballads since they reformed

* It's a bit more appropriate for teenage girls to like them instead of waving banners at Westlife who are essentially their dads age now

* One Direction are probably a little worried now after hearing these songs... plus the bonus being is that all of ReConnected can sing whereas half of One Direction are tone-deaf and can't dance. So if ReConnected can dance they've essentially won the Battle of The Boybands

* Even better they have their own theme tune "ReConnected", which makes up for the fact they didn't cotton on to us playing Stereo MCs "Connected" when we met them last

Reconnected, Superhuman and Stranded are the best songs of their set so far....

...but you can listen to Seeing Stars, ReConnected, Superhuman, December, Stranded and Wish You Were Here medley on the youtube clip below


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