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BUZZIN 37: Sun Glitters

The tiny, unassuming country of Luxembourg may not spring to mind when you think of the musical cutting edge, but once upon a time, Radio Luxembourg ruled the airwaves and preceded the pirate radio revolution. Fast forward half a century, and Luxembourgian musician and producer Sun Glitters is using distorted signals and feedback in an entirely different way.

Described as ‘Dubstep/Shoegaze’ (evidently on the forefront of the musical foot-related movement), Victor Ferreria has just released his debut album ‘Everything Could Be Fine’, and is about to embark upon a mini-tour of the UK in October.

the title track is a blistering creation, with traditional melodies turned on their head by a jittery tempo and bleeps that could originate from the control panel of the Starship Enterprise. Beside Me is a more ethereal being, with ghostly vocals that haunt over the juxtaposing electro beats, whilst The Wind Caresses Her Hair is altogether darker and heavier, like the soundtrack to a blurred and sinister dream
The album is a textured patchwork of pop, with chilled Ibiza beats layered next to high pitched electronica, and hazy bass lines.

Sun Glitters shouldn’t make sense; it glitters with gloom, and is bewildering and blissed-out in equal measure, but have a listen, even the most dedicated Dubstep detractors may be surprised. Perhaps there’s not much else to do in Luxembourg other than make good music.

WORDS: Lucy Holt


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