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My best live gig ever
Liam Geoghegan of Kids With Machetes

First off, I'd like to say that I'm not just doing this because it's for Alex at Designer Magazine. This is my genuine, honest opinion.

It's really hard to pick a gig you've played which you thought was the best, but when you start to really think about it, you can start to narrow them down. I've played some thoroughly amazing gigs with Kids with Machetes so far, from a fairly small (but absolutely mental) crowd in Bradford as our 3rd ever gig, All the way up to playing in Wakefield supporting Hadouken! and Proxies in front of a few hundred people. That was a damn good gig, but understandably it was also pretty nerve-wracking.

So, My best live gig to date... 17th of March at Dry Bar Manchester.

We've played at Dry Bar with Designer Magazine 3 times so far, and each time it's been nothing but a joy throughout. Our latest gig, headlining on 17th March just took it to another level.

We're not easy to cater for, We have all manner of electronic noises going through multiple outputs amongst the 'proper' instruments. We have a synth player who appears to everybody like a guitarist who's turned up without an amp, No bassist, and a drummer (Yours truly) who doesn't have a monitor mix. It's an odd set up.

That being said, it's still absolutely no problem. Setup and soundcheck just flies by and everything sounds awesome.

It gets round to our slot to play and it all goes crazy. I look up and see all manner of shit going down. One vocalist falls over, the other's on some dude's shoulders in the audience. It's just fucking mental.

What makes a gig is not how it sounds, or how much you give to the viewer, it's what they give back to you. As soon as you get that initial response from them then it increases exponentially, You give to them, they give it you back twice as hard. So you reciprocate even more, and they do the same.

That's the atmosphere which Dry Bar is all about, people who are there to genuinely be interested in what's going on on the stage. A relatively small gig for some, but a huge experience for all.

Liam Geoghegan


Liam is drummer with Kids With Machetes - check out his band here http://www.facebook.com/kidswithmachetes

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