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Bleach Blood are ex King Blues Jamie Jazz's new band. Ahead of their Manchester date supporting Sharks at Alter Ego on the 5th of May we caught up with Jamie for an "On Tour" intro

Introduce yourselves for those who haven't heard you?

Hi my name is Jamie, I sing, play guitar and write songs for Bleach Blood, Charlie plays bass, Frank Invisible plays drums and Paul Mullen plays guitar and sings (but much better than me) Pleased to meet you.  We hang out in Manor House in North East London and have a habit of spending too much time in warehouses.

Which 3 bands do you always get compared to? Do you think they're valid comparisons?

Some people say we sound a bit like Pure Love, The 1975 and Megadeth (one of those is a lie) but i'm okay with that because I love all those bands (including the one I lied about)... although I do tend to write whatever I want so I never pay too much attention to comparisons! 

If you had to choose one of your songs to represent the band which one would it be?

I guess it would have to be our next single 'H.O.P.E' - its about being paranoid and scared of growing up, all filtered through being hung-over... I tend to write songs about things that scare me in life, I guess its my way of facing certain realities that I otherwise don't want to face and putting them into a positive light and for me 'H.O.P.E' does exactly that.

Which band kickstarted your journey into music? Still a fan now?

A lot of the early Punk stuff was a massive influence on me, but it’s hard to pin -point a band.  I grew up with tons of Soul and Reggae music being played in my house from my parents, and as a teenager my brother started buying loads of Brit-pop and Punk albums that really got me into rock music. I'd sneak into his bedroom when he was out and listen to as many albums I could before he came and beat me up for being in his room as older brothers do!  If I had to choose one band though it would probably be AFI, when I was at that age they spoke to me more than any band on the planet and yes, I’m still very much a fan.

What's the best record you have bought this year and why?

Tough.  I really love The Computers new album and everything The 1975 are putting out... ask me again at the end of the year cause there are too many good albums about to come out, like Sharks and Splashh.

CDs or Downloads? EPs or Albums? Which do you prefer?

CDs and Albums.  I like having the physical piece of art to hold, along with the artwork and inlay card and everything else. Albums over EPs probably - having a full body of work that tells a story and takes the listener on a journey.  I'm not against downloads or EPs at all, we've only released an EP and a single on download and vinyl thus far haha! 

Designer Magazine are all about #supportthescene - what's the music scene like back in your hometown? What other bands should our readers check out and why?

In Manor House / London there are some really amazing bands coming up at the moment, I feel like our scene is moving back into a really healthy place!  Listen to Horsefight, Apologies, I Have None, The Voodoo Binmen and The Tuts - all really amazing bands. 

Which of the local supports are you most looking forward to on tour? 

I'm not too sure on all the locals on this tour, but I really look forward to meeting and listening to them all.  I know Manchester has some really amazing bands and i've never been disappointed in the supports that i've played with in the past so i'm excited to see who's on the bill with us at Alter Ego. 

Manchester - what's the best thing about playing the city?

Manchester has a great history of amazing music and that’s always reflected in the audiences that come to the shows.  It’s always a fun show in Manchester.  Plus... you know... you guys got Curry Mile!

As a touring band what’s the one big tip (promo / songwriting / biz) advice you can give to a band just starting out?

Write, write and write some more.  Play shows, keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground and just be prepared to work harder than everyone else and want it more than anyone else.

Which essential book / film / CD do you have to take on the road when on tour?

Adventure Time, and Adventure Time related products.

30 second sales pitch - why should our readers come out and see you?

We're honest, we're fun, we're handsome, we're pretty, queens of New York city... and there is a 80% chance i'll break something.

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