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Chateaux - It's Magic

As a rule, French-sounding things are usually disappointing. It might be the sense of sophistication that means in actuality French things are less impressive than you imagine. Crepes are just pretentious pancakes, croissants are 80% air, and berets are always a let-down. Mancunian George Flint and company - under the pseudonym Châteaux - are attempting to readdress this tragic misconception, and by the sound of it, are succeeding.

The first track perched on Châteaux’s SoundCloud is ‘It’s Magic’. It captures all the sunny Vitamin-D goodness of Louisiana’s finest jangly pop outfit GIVERS, from the considerably more grey and drizzly location of a WA postcode. The patchwork pop features pretty much everything you could get away with in one song without breeching some kind of musical quota; pulsating rhythm and fuzzy Surfer Blood-style waves of distortion which crash into barely-there echoing vocals.

The anti-depressant tone continues with the inescapably danceable 'What Happens In Summer Lasts Forever'. This particular song bucks the all too clichéd trend of reminiscence and instead opts for lyrical ‘anti-nostalgia’ (living for the moment, man. etc.) Catchy melodies are complimented by haunting vocals and a slight dose of melancholy, provided by the surprisingly mature sounding vocals.

‘Sailing’ and ‘Boating’ - which are indistinguishably identical to the average human ear - channel all things nautical, with folky guitar and picture-postcard lyrics. It/they particularly sound like it/they could be taken from the soundtrack to a Parisian Woody Allen film (particularly that one that’s set in Paris). Scores bonus points for a brilliant introduction too; is that an accordion?

The summer, and continental vacations, may feel a way off yet, but Châteaux’s musical output is good enough to tide us over until then.

Words: Lucy Holt, @Elle_YouSeeWhy


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