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Eternal Quarter

Introduce yourselves and tell us what you've been up to recently?
We're Eternal Quarter a five-piece (soon to be four-piece) band from Manchester consisting of Jay (me), Howie, Aaron, Zack & Tom!

We play good old rock and roll and enjoy a good beer!

We have recently been in the studio recording new tracks for our upcoming EP "Untangled" - out at the end of this year.

And how did you get together? The name?
I've known Howie & Aaron for years through them supporting and seeing my previous band, however when that fell apart we decided to start our own band!

Zack is an old family friend of Howie so we got him to jam with us and Tom our newest member, we recruited all the way from Telford!

The name Eternal Quarter was the mix of two names that we messed about with "Eternal Damnation" & "Hourquarter". Both were wank so we mixed them up a bit and came up with Eternal Quarter as a working title and it stuck. We also organise a cult gathering every Wednesday to praise the dark lord Chtulu.

Who are your biggest influences?
Our biggest influence/band we get compared too is Nickelback. They have a tendency to write and release extremely commercial songs, however they can really bash out a heavy tune. We also all love the classics such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin but also love such bands as Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot & Killswitch Engage!!

Which is the one song you with you'd wrote and why?
Nickelback - How You Remind Me - because we would be minted!

Here at Designer Magazine we're all about supporting the scene.. which are your fave local bands and why should we check them out?
It has to be without a doubt Thirty Aethyrs, Bury The Memory, A Show of Crows & Searu! All of them are cracking bands and absolute top lads and we absolutely love playing with them. In our opinion they are the top unsigned bands in Manchester (besides us). We have played with them all and love supporting them and seeing them all grow from strength to strength.

What's your biggest promo tips you can give to other local bands? How do you push your band forward?
Think outside the box and try something different each time. Dont be afraid to listen to criticism and always use condoms.

Sun lotion is also handy....

What's the best gig you've played to date and why?
All Metal on Metal gigs as they have been absolutely amazing to play. Significant moments include stage invasions, stage dives and the crowd breaking down the barrier.

Where do you go for pre gig food and where do you go post gig clubs in Manchester?
Pre-gig food is usually something quick like a Greggs or Subway. We always go to Satans Hollow after to mosh and down Jagerbombs with our fans and fellow bands! Janams for a dirty greasy kebab after is a must!

What do you like most about Manchester?
Massive influential music scene that is so diverse. We love all types of bands and music ranging from Death & Black Metal to Jazz to Pop-Rock and Manchester's music scene can accommodate to all of our tastes!

Best gig you've been to of all time (and why?)
Jay - Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax) for the first time ever in Poland!

Howie - Genesis last gig in Rome

Aaron - Nickelback's home-coming gig in Toronto

Tom - Metallica Download 06 - played fulled Master of Puppets album!

What one book would you say all of your fans should read and why?
Let The Right One In for me. I love the book and think it is an absolute great read that introduces vampires in a different light. Definitely not a gay Twilight/glittery vampire though!

Fave movie or TV show of all time?
So many! For me its a mix of Dexter, Game of Thrones, American Dad & Red Dwarf! SMEG HEAD! I asked the others but the answers were too gay to put on here.

Which football team do you support?
Most of the lads are United fans where as I am an Arsenal fan! Best player has to be King Henry and best game definitely was not the 8-2 loss to United which I was at! I would say Tottenham 5-2 at Highbury!

And finally we're all about the live sweaty gigs - final chance to say why we should check you out live?
We would love everyone to come and check us out; we always put our all in to our gigs and want everyone to have fun and sing along to songs they know or don' know! Stage dive, jump on stage, headbang with us or dance with us! Just have a great time with us :)

And if we want to know more whats your facebook / twitter addresses?

Twitter is @eternalquarter
Facebook: facebook.com/eternalquarter13
Reverb Nation: reverbnation.com/eternalquarter13

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