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Facebook Encourages Ticket Sales Via Its Facebook Events Update

Many facebook updates are met with a groan, a sigh and a WTF!!!

However we really like the new Facebook event which puts buying tickets for the event at the forefont of the events now, rather than just clicking the attending button

Whether all profiles have this option, i'm not quite sure, as often Facebook roll out options such as this in stages, but currently it's working on our Designer Magazine profile as well as a local band profile from Manchester, England

I've included screen grabs below of where you can add your ticket links on events

And also how it looks on mobiles so you can see how prominent it is on mobile phones (more than 50% of facebook users access via mobile)

3 Key take aways from this blog

1. Clicking attending on a facebook event does not guarantee attendence

2. This Facebook update emphasises the importance of advance ticket sales for events - don't leave to the last minute - grab committment

3. It also emphasis how important online / mobile purchases of events tickets are - if you can't meet people in person make sure they buy online

So next steps are

1. All Events Promoters should offer online ticket options for all shows - no excuses!!!

2. All bands should ask / check for event ticket links online and add to their band page events

Busier gigs are better for everybody


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