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Faith Now Restored To Some Extent.

This blog is dedicated to Deaf FM, Seracrusis and Kids With Machetes

Recently horn locking with a known Manchester band that me and the other guys know very well had thrown my feelings to the scene in to doubt. i’d like to point out this locking of horns, wasn’t an argument, voices (in text form) were not raised and it was a simple dispute which ended with both parties agreeing to disagree, what i don’t want is any of my comments on this blog to be thrown out of context, as the whole thing has ended i’m going to pick comments out which maybe seen as me turning it around, but no i believe my friends our entitled to voice their opinion, and i’ll try to respect that as best i can.

Again i’m not going to name names like always i still respect these people and i will still (with my band) support, cheer and clap for them and wish them the best, and we still consider ourselves as friends.

The comment “Shit Band Union” was raised which to me wasn’t the right thing to say. There’s a lot of damn fine and sexy bands out there, who mix from the most insane instrumentalist i’ve ever since, to bands where their on stage presence knocks the socks off other people.

My point is with the bands i choose to support, i want the whole deal. I don’t just pick bands out the blue to support, as in my friends statement “respect is earned” absolutely. Those idols of mine that i love namely Mr Wade Macneil and Mr Damian Abraham I respect, Not only for their musicianship and stage presences but because they’re unbelievable down to earth and great people to talk to. This for me is important. You might not be the most incredible musician out there but if you’re genuine and a down to earth character of course i’m going to respect you. The bands i choose to support have my respect.

There’s bands out there that use the hashtag as a personal marketing tool. I see through it and they don’t have my support, it’s not about promoting yourself, it’s about other people. perhaps this is what is meant by “shit band union” i don’t know. but i know you and me, isn’t going to work if that is why you’re using the hashtag.

What i don’t want to see is trash talk, i’ve high lighted this previous blogs and i’ve seen it, shamelessly to say, i’ve seen members of my social circle doing in to other bands that my band have played with, and it’s not right, We should be beyond this people! We’re not 10 years old anymore. I remember being in high school and being laughed at for wearing a Hives hoodie, maybe in was an underlying gay joke as they mentioned “The H.I.Ves.

I’m not afried to admit that my bands fan base has indulged in this behaviour as most likely it’s the same for a lot of other bands.

(Pic: Deaf FM)

So I lost a bit of faith, it have disappointing to see that some people think no matter how many artists come together the art will still be shit, an opinion i disagree with but can’t argue against, however i went to Kids With Machetes EP launch tonight to film as part of the documentary film i’m trying to get off the ground, opening the car door to hear the blasting tones of Lauren from Deaf FM (I arrived 10 minutes in to their set) I saw this band’s first gig, I did a music video for their track My Poison, I’ve been friends with Lauren since high school and i was in a metal band earlier in my life with the drummer James. I have to admit they’ve improved so much from there first gig, which was awesome in it’s own right, Laurens voice has power, something until recently i’ve always disputed in female fronted rock bands (my opinion has shifted to the positive) but it was great to see them again enjoying themselves on stage OK so the crowd was still it’s usual stiff self (always reminding me or the american high school prom with girls and boys occupying opposite ends of the room) and i still maintain the seating in the venue needs to be taken out to avoid the sitting down of punters. But they brought the thunder as it were.

The second band on Seracrusis, we’re good yeah i enjoyed them. A little more movement and interaction with the crowd was needed, With my ear plugs on it was difficult to tell when one song ended and another began, but nit picking aside a good act!

During their set i got a Kids with Machetes ep thrusted in my hand, and a very professional looking EP is was too, looking at the back i see #SUPPORTTHESCENE at the bottom of the artwork, i smile thinking to myself (why did i never think of that) I originally heard this band from Designer Magazine, but only really spoke to Joe through a mutual friend of ours! and the rest of the band i first met when i filmed the interview part for the documentary. They’re a lovely set of guys, down to earth and funny (again getting my attention)

Me and Joe have our jokes over facebook, a vivid memory is him shoe horning Dan the guitarist in to the facebook group “Chubby Dudes In Bands” a homage to the bulkier members of bands, created most for the gay bear scene (for which i’ve been a member for years now) funny that i actually found someone had already posted a picture of me on to the page. Joe should also be on it, but i’d call him a “TWUB” if i was going to label him in the accepted gay sterotypes. I’d like to mention now neither are gay lol. anyway the gig

They came on stage, demanded people to move from the side walls to the centre of the venue, they we’re obviously enjoying themselves on stage, Dan had amp problems right when i was filming next to his rig, so the rest of the set was me paranoid that everyone else thinks i caused the amp problems, but that aside they were bang on the money, Much like what happened to us their set was cut short, and put the house lights up before they even finished, this happened to us at our last Dry Bar set, and i wasn’t happy when it happened to us, so i know the feeling. but they brought it! and it was amazing to see them.

I’m glad i went, i made the effort to come down, i could of sat at home doing nothing, but thats why my faith is restored, i sort of proved to myself that Supporting other bands was the right way to go, when you get a “thanks for coming” from the band made it a lot more personal. knowing that my money for the ticket helped the band a little bit more. I guess i feel a little bit up my own arse, but why should i not be. GO! Go and check out a band you’ve never seen before, you’ll feel better for it! and you’ll get that smug sense of achievement that you’ve made a night better because you’ve contributed to the atmosphere.

Money can’t buy that feeling, it’s a nice feeling. and i hope you all get to feel the same. So thank you to Deaf FM, Seracrusis and indeed KWM for providing me with a nights of entertainment and a warm heart to boot!

CJ Smith

CJ Smith

CJ is bass player for Manchester punk band Dead Retinas - check out his band here www.facebook.com/deadretinas

CJ also started making the #supportthescene posters after Designer Magazine set up the twitter hashtag

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