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Is it worth it, when all you hear on the radio is …………..?

Sometimes you think ‘well is it worth the hassle anymore ?’ You slog it out a few times a week in a badly lit, freezing cold mill or warehouse practice room, paying through the nose for the privilege, begging all your friends and family, the few ‘fans’ that you have, to come down once again pay £X to come and see you try and ‘change the world’ in 30 mins with four other bands with the same agenda.

Sometimes this feeling gets highlighted even more when your driving round to work or to these gigs and all you hear on the radio is s**t, talentless s**t ! These people with a barely an average song, produced mainly from a computer and no personal musicianship, being played constantly on whatever radio station, mainly because they ‘look the part’, getting that accolades that YOU deserve, because you know that you do have that one good song, that one great song that could make a difference – if only the ‘right person’ would hear you !

If you do feel like this then don’t fret you are not alone ! There are many of us out there and the real reason we do it is because WE LOVE IT. That 30 min on stage makes it all worth while. And in those 30 min’s, one of us WILL change the world, one of us WILL get noticed and get the accolades and one of us WILL make it worthwhile for the rest of us.

It’s the romance of it all. That’s the story we relate to and the one that maybe the ‘powers that be’ have forgotten ? The general public likes a story. They want to know the person, the band. Are they just like them ? Did they grow up in the same area, the same circumstances ? Did they suffer the hardships and rejoice in the good times ? BUT no what we get now is ready made, conveyor belt of ‘rock pop stars’. Are we supposed to swoon over One Direction and call them rock stars because they have a few tattoos now ? Not saying they cant sing etc… but what’s the story ? 5 good looking lads who can sing on a talent show become the worlds darlings because they can sing somebody else’s songs - WAKE UP, COME ON !

It goes to show that the biggest ‘rock star’ of the last 10 years has probably been Britney Spears ! She shaves her head, gets hammered, takes drugs, has lots of weird sex and pretty much takes the world on – sound familiar Mr Jagger, Mr Richards, Mr Gallagher ?

Now I am not saying that to be rock n roll you have to do all those things but rock n roll is a feeling, a free spirit, both of which has been taken from us with Xfactor bands and Poop Idol this and Pop Star that.

Now this is why we do it ! To stop this, put an end to it. That is your motivation ! Do what the Stones did for the 60’s breaking up the Beatle blueprint to music (PS I love the Beatles), what the Stone Roses did for the late 80’s early 90’s and most definitely what the Gallagher’s did for the 90’s. Create that free spirit, bring back true ‘rock n roll’ not manufactured ‘rock n bored’. Keep rehearsing, rehearse more, keep pestering friend’s, family, ‘fans, keep writing, save us and save yourselves, because one day you will change the world and make that difference and it will all be worth it, for all if us !

Dave Gale


Dave is a member of New Zealand meets Brit rock band Dakota

Check them out here http://www.facebook.com/dakotatheband

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