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It's Snow Joke Your Gigs Quiet, But Don't Blame It On The Weatherman

We touched on this topic on our hugely popular blog 8 Reasons Your Gigs Aren't As Busy As You'd Like - click here to read that before you read on!!!

And it's probably pertinant with an apparent 3 weeks worth of snow heading across the UK that we touched on it again

Simply put

"lack of commitment from fans before the gig means that more often than not they will pull out on the day"

It just happens that this time it's snow and at another part of the year it could be rain, a last minute party or "i'm feeling a bit under the weather"

If fans commit before the gig changes in the weather will have little effect on your next gig

So remember

  • Work with the promoter and don't be afraid to ask for advice - if the promoter can't be bothered giving advice they're not worth playing for
  • A facebook event is not a real indication of who's attending the event, the attendees list does however give a starting point to a 121 conversation about the gig
  • Make promises not excuses and have a can do attitude - it will set you in good stead not just in the band but for everything you do
  • Having 4000 plays on youtube means nothing if they dont attend the gigs or get the single / album
  • Offer an online ticket link to those people you can't meet face 2 face before the gig
  • If you have physical tickets for the gig - always always always have some with you at work / uni / the pub - sitting on the desk at home kind of misses the point
  • A band is just that - it's not down to just half the band to be active marketeers of the band - remember the Dogtanian saying "One for all and all for one"

So the next 3 weeks of snow let us know how you get on with your gigs

109% committment 100% success



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