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Positive choices, positive chances

Hi, first of all let me introduce myself I'm Declan black the lead vocalist of YOUTH.

It's basically a month away from our biggest gig as band playing metal for metal at the dry bar on February 9th and before I go on to say what I want to say I would like to thank designer magazine for this opportunity to play one of their shows it really means a lot to us as a band

So I thought what can I write this blog about and the first thing came to head was the fact that I'm so excited to play a show with a very close friends band Bury The Memory they are such a good band and have helped us out a few times so I can't say enough about these guys other than check them out on their Facebook page and come to a live show of theirs because they are a very promising band.

I would like to introduce my band to first off designer magazine and it's fans! We are YOUTH. We are hardcore band and are striving to revive the hardcore scene here in Manchester! We have a demo out on February 16th! As a band we work hard to put a positive message across through hardcore, although hardcore has its reputation for its very rough and violent gigs and it's angry and up in your face lyrics we are completely different. Yes our gigs are rough and we expect movement but everything we stand for is positive. When we write and play our songs we generally focus on positive things for example our second song on out demo brotherhood, it's about standing together thorough the tough times and helping each other out no matter what the situation is!

As a band we understand that it is very hard to get through day to day life without using or having something to help you get through, we also understand that people everyday are getting told how live and how to do pretty much everything so when write our music we try to make songs which people can relate to so they can use these songs to escape the burdens they carry within their day to day life's, which to us as a band is very important because when we listen to or write songs we look for the meanings in the song not just listen to it.

Another thing we concentrate on as band is trying to stop drug abuse within the community we belong to because we believe that drugs and other substances lead to people making wrong choices in life and doing negative things, we are massive on drug abuse as myself have experienced what it does to a person and how it leads to eventually the death of either yourself, a close friend or a loved one. So we encourage people be it friends, family or fans not to take drugs and this again is put across in our music, we feel this is an effective way to do this as music is a powerful and moving method of getting your message across.

Hopefully some of you who read this come down to the metal for metal show on February 9th if you do don't be shy come up to us have a chat we love engaging with new people!

Thank you to everyone who has read this even if it means you just take in what I have written it means a lot!

Declan Black


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