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The Shallows EP track-by-track
by James of Post Zero

The Shallows (Feat. Rowetta)

I wanted this song to be the bands calling card. It's a Phil Spector style production, everything thrown in there. We used The Vulcan String Quartet from Cardiff after hearing their work on the last couple of Manic Street Preachers albums and they did a gorgeous piece to flow along to the track.

Rowetta (Happy Mondays) came on board towards the end of the recording process, and added her own take on the lyrics and, for me at least, capped the track of perfectly. Her voice is astounding - so natural.

The lyrics are based around the Nicholas Carr concept in the book 'The Shallows', about how technology is re-wiring how we think and what we do, how thought has become 'shallower' due to impulsively checking e-mail, Facebook etc. A highlight for me was when he mentioned us on his blog, felt like a vindication of the track. http://www.roughtype.com/?p=3052

Me and Rowetta also filmed an interview with Croftwerk to document the track.

Throw Away Your Fury

This was the first track I recorded before Post Zero even existed as a band. It's very Joy Division in its delivery. I was in a dark place when I wrote this, unsure of what to do with my life.

It's my favourite song to play live and usually the set closer.

We filmed a video for the track, which is 1950's Cold War paranoia with a twist of irony.


Stylised Nightmares

This track is about how superficial the entertainment industry is. How bland TV has taken over the consciousness of a generation. Offering complete nothingness.
It's the most obvious 'rock' song we've recorded, musically it's influenced by the Public Image Ltd. track Annalisa.



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