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A Band, a group of tender ego’s and personalities. Worse than your actual family and more addictive than any drug.

Band - Definition
A Band, a group of tender ego’s and personalities. Worse than your actual family and more addictive than any drug.

An uphill struggle to find gigs and get your lazy mates to come along. Years of hardship with no certainty of success.

So you have gathered your momentum... You’re playing regular gigs and writing material.

What’s next?

I want to focus this blog around recording. This provides bands with a constant headache there’s a lot them out there some good, some bad. Especially online the information can be scattered. This blog will act as source of information about our local studios and point out anything you might haven’t seen before.

- Why recording your tracks is important?

Simply, people just want to listen to your music. Give them a chance to hear what you sound like, gigs sometimes don’t capture all of your sound.

It opens doors for your band to distribute to radio stations/competitions.

It’s good practice to be around a recording environment, especially if your a bit unsure about the set-up. The more you practice this, the more it improves you time management. This extra efficiency really does pay dividends if you want to record more than a couple of songs.

Another huge benefit is to your songs. Playing them months you see them change slightly now and again. When you enter the recording process, the reworking and constant takes helps you develop certain parts more quickly than you expect. You also have moments of pure inspiration which can really make a good song an amazing song.

Sometimes bands can overlook the idea of getting there songs properly recorded. When I say properly, I am talking about good quality, not spending your limited funds into one song recorded at an expensive studio. Most really do over charge, but if you’re willing to pay more, I suggest take time in finding the right person because this is crucial. Finding someone who understands your music and direction can get the best from you and your material.

- What options are available?

Limited funds?
If you are struggling to gather the cash and really want to get your best songs recorded. You can always find online sites like gumtree, students from SSR, or other Universities looking to record bands for free. Making friends with the students could mean regular free tracks.

Just a quick search today(16/1/13) has come up with loads of students, here is a few examples:



Note: Do check regularly as new posts come everyday.

- Studios In Manchester

To the main bulk!

Bunker Recording Studio http://www.manchester-recording-studio.co.uk
Price: 4 Song Demo - £259,
Location: Not Mentioned
Portfolio: No
Overall: Different packages are available and start at different levels. Good clear prices, no hidden costs and if you’re looking for a 4 song demo, this could be a good start. There is no demos online, but I suggest just emailing to get some samples.

Toast Recordings http://toastrecordings.com/
Price: Dependent on project size
Location: Not Mentioned
Portfolio: Yes
Overall: Website has a great look and portfolio of sounds, no price however Chris the owner offers tailored projects and seems energetic about each bands material.

Vibe Studios http://www.vibe-studios.co.uk
Price: Email for a quote, however tailor to bands with budget
Location: Crumpsall
Portfolio: No
Overall: They do a Demo Deal with no price but aim for bands on budget. No online portfolio, first studio to state it’s location, a big plus as most studios seem to forget bands have to travel. Could be worth getting a quote for your project.

Oscillate Studio http://www.oscillatestudio.co.uk/
: Email for a quote
Location: Northern Quarter, Manchester
Portfolio: Yes
Overall: This new studio seems have a great producer who has worked at some big studios. Great portfolio, different variety of sounds, but I’m not sure this is for a band’s first time in a studio.

BigTone Recordings http://www.bigtonerecordings.co.uk/
: Email for a quote
Location: Eccles
Portfolio: Yes
Overall: Tim G has worked with a great number of bands and getting a two songs recorded here wouldn’t be too expensive anymore than that could get pricey. However the quality is out standing - definitely if you have a bigger budget this would be an excellent place.

Pumpkin Records http://www.pumpkinrecords.co.uk/
: £50/day £200/5 days
Location: Ancoats, Manchester
Portfolio: Yes
Overall: Matt can tailor the project towards you allowing you to work at the speed that suits you. Will always go the extra mile. Great price for bands wanting to get there stuff recorded with no pressure and excellent quality.

Banter Media http://www.bantermedia.com
: Wide variety of packages and deals with 20% student discount, (check rates page)
Location:Ashton Under-Lyne
Portfolio: No
Overall: Has loads of packages and deals to help bands get a few days in the studio. Starting from lower end budgets to higher. If your band is bigger you could split the cost, could be a worth looking into.

Blueroom studios http://www.blueroomstudios.co.uk/index.htm
: Some deals are provided for others email
Location: Bury, Greater Manchester
Portfolio: No
Overall: Looks quite professional, has a decent one day deal. Equipment list is great and has rehearsal space.I think contacting before and a look around would be needed before.

Blueprint-studios http://www.blueprint-studios.com/
: Email for a quote
Location: Queen Street, Manchester
Portfolio: No
Overall: Website has too much going on, has no price or portfolio. Has though had some high profile clients, some really high profile. Probably should contact if you have an endless budget.



Just make sure!

You practice! Know your material inside out and if you can practice with a click track before would be a big help.
Keep it realistic, don’t try record as many songs as you can in a few days. You’re only going to compromise on the songs quality. Just save up and go back. Have fun!

Now GO!

I hope this has provided a good start in your searching and saved you time. If I have missed a good studio do please add it to the facebook comments or if you have been to one of these studios add a review! :)

Patt Cunningham. That guy, from that band, with that girl in.

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