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Second Chances With Music - Never Give Up and Never Give In

Hey there, my name is Daniel Spencer, I’m the drummer for the band Bury The Memory, we are a five piece Melodic Hardcore band from Manchester all with like minds in the sense that, we all love music, performing and writing music for our fans. First off I just want to say a massive thank you to Designer Magazine for putting us on yet another show, we love performing for you guys, our family, friends and fans!

Some of the fans we’ve had from the beginning will remember the old band I was in named Deceiver, who had also played several shows for Designer Magazine, we had a great time during that but alas, Deceiver eventually broke up due to differences and we parted ways. But there are things from being in a band that we all learnt from and the main thing from that was to never give up, like many performers we were hounded with abuse and many negative comments thoughout our time, but the people that kept us going were our friends and family, people pushing us forward, even though the band did eventually split up, we never gave up, we kept going, we had tremendous fun, met a lot of amazing bands and performed for a lot of people, if your doing something you love, never give it up.

Three members from Deceiver went on to form Bury The Memory, that’s myself, Ryan Maguire and Ryan Williamson, calling on our two friends Michael Monaghan and Conor Sherlock, we gave music another go, keeping with our never give up attitude. From the start of the bands forming we knew it will be hard, but as we all had gained experience in being in a band and making music we had pointers on where to start and so kicked off Bury The Memory’s career in late 2012. Incorporating heavy chords with tight riffs and an odd occasional shredding solo, we bring what we love to the people we love, our fans and friends who come down to support us, some even come down to every show! Being in this second band has made me realise that music is one of the best things that's ever happened to me, without it, I wouldn't be the man I am now, garunteed.

Our first gig was with Designer Magazine; although we didn’t have much material wrote at the time, we gave it our all, gained a lot of respect and new fans along with several positive comments from other bands. We support the scene as much as we can when it comes to shows; we stay until the end of the night, talk and get to know other bands if we did not know them beforehand and in general have a good old time!

We have the pleasure on February 9th to play with some substantial bands, most of which I know personally myself such as Skies Turn Black, Eternal Quarter, Thirty Aethyrs and YOUTH. It is set to be a personal best gig so far, and would love to see all our friends, family and fans come down and support everyone on the bill!

We would be nothing though without the help of the Duke St Music and Media Project which is occupied in Denton, we practise there every week, the staff are lovely the others who go there are a hell of a laugh, it’s an all-round enjoyable place to go and not just to make some sweet tunes!

The other bands on the bill for the night are definitely worth checking out, YOUTH have a demo out February 16th, Eternal Quarter have a music video and several demo’s online, Skies Turn Black also have a demo recorded as part of my college’s own record label E+K Records and Thirty Aethyrs have music on their own Facebook page, check out all the bands and give them a cheeky like from us!

When we’re not on stage we also like indulging in other activities, three of us are studying at college, I myself am also working on a small side project and have started rapping for a small change in scenery, I've always been a big rap fan and that's mainly due to listening to various underground artists, along with friends that I know who rap and listen to rap daily. Watching rap battles I started writing some lyrics (or bars) one day, wrote a song and recorded it, since then its gained both myself and the band a lot of publicity, having something to do outside of the band is always a plus, not only does it give you something to do, it also give you a chance to let off steam another way, and even help your band along the way! One of us is at University and is a illusionist, both myself and Mike have performed in bars where we had a laugh and a lot of fun, it was a chance to get to know some good people and let loose, again this also helped out the band as we now have links with a professional photographer named Adam Young, who has done work for several bands including the Foo Fighters! And he's agreed to come and photograph ourselves at our February 9th show. And the other member works down in a bar, we all like a cheeky drink now and again so if you see us out don’t be shy, come talk to us! Even at a gig or outside of a gig, we love meeting people that appreciate what we do and those who might just want a chat!

Making music is our passion; it’s one of the ways we can all express our deepest emotions in another way that just speaking or thinking about them, our songs may even help other people with similar problems, I can personally say music has helped me a lot, just listening to lyrics and how they can relate to your own life, but then spinning it around and possibly giving you a solution, my personal hero is Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, reading his autobiography and finding out about his early life and how he went from literally nothing and being just one man with a dream, to being in one of the most influential and successful metal bands in the world! Stuff like that doesn’t happen every day, if you have a dream, aspire for it, you never know, one day you can be in the same place as your heroes, always look up to them, if your feeling lost or need inspiration, your heroes and those you look up to can help you through that and it can be really influential to anyone in the music business.

Our main points to make here is never give up and never give in, yeah times may be hard now and again, but you have to look on the brightside of things, there is always a brightside, without it, why would people be happy and carefree? If we gave up back when we had the chance I know for a fact I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, I’m with four of my best mates doing what we all love, not many people get that chance. If you get a chance to change anything for the better, take it, no matter the cost, in the long run, it’s going to be beneficial.

Thank you all for reading; this is Daniel Spencer, Bury The Memory, hope to see you down at our February 9th show at Dry Bar Manchester, peace!

Daniel Spencer


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