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Seize The Chance To Promote Your Gig Differently

This Summer i'll have been promoting gigs for 9 years and been involved in music for 14 years

There's very little I haven't seen bands do in the way of promo

Which is why I was impressed with Manchester band Seize The Chance use of a well known Hitler Parody video

It's a video we've seen a million times before - (there's 25 of the best Hitley Parody's here in the Telegraph - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/6262709/Hitler-Downfall-parodies-25-worth-watching.html )

But not once have I seen it used by an unsigned bands to promote themselves or a gig...

...And that's why it stood out, got shared and as the band said

"Gotta do something original to get the interest, saw from your share a few people liking that aren't our friends"

By doing something original it's already reaching outside the friends and family market

Watch the video here, Listen to and like the bands page here


And now to you... don't just make a Hitler Parody video for your band - Seize The Chance to do something different and get us writing about you!!!

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