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#supportthescene - you'll have seen it a lot around twitter and facebook lately

In fact we don't stop shouting about it really as it's so important - but we realised we hadn't even defined the movement officially, even though there is a documentary in the pipeline by CJ of Dead Retinas

What is #supportthescene ?
In it's simplest form it's helping those bands around you to create a better local music scene

We want to keep it as simple as possible to reach as many people as possible

It's important though it doesn't just become a catch all slogan - as actions do speak louder than words - so in a band reading this, do look at the 10 ways you can support the scene

10 Ways You Can Support The Scene

1. Aim to see at least one live gig of unsigned / local bands that you're not playing at each month

2, When you play a gig make sure you stay around from the 1st band till the last band and encourage your fans to do the same

3. When pushing your gigs make sure you promote the other bands playing as well - it's a complete bill not just one band

4. Support bands you've played with / are playing with when they release EPs / videos etc - share other bands content

5. Older bands mentor younger bands so that they don't fall for BOTB / poor gig pitfalls

6. Work with the promoter and venue to ensure the best gig possible - its better to work with, than against those that help you

7. If you discover something promo wise that works - tell other bands about it - don't keep it your little secret

8. A gig is just the start of a relationship with other bands / promoters - don't let one gig be the end of that contact

9. Remember Social Media isn't about selling or pushing at people - it's about being social and building relationships

10. Use the #supportthescene hashtag whereever possible and encourage other bands to do the same - spread positivity

#supportthescene - the documentary

CJ Of Dead Retinas has been massively supportive of the movement creating posters to aid those bands that support the scene

When he's not playing in the band he's also a film maker which is why he'd decided to make a documentary on the movement

CJ's 5 bands have already been selected and now it's up to ourselves at Designer Magazine to select 10 bands to be featured

Our selection process is based around the 10 ways above so do get involved and look at the facebook links here - tell us how you supportthescene rather than just ask to be featured

Designer Magazine www.facebook.com/designermagazinemanchester
#SupportTheScene Documentary - http://www.facebook.com/groups/378899675498676/

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