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The Versions - Dry Bar Manchester - Nov 2011
The Girl Next Door - The Mandigans

Rewind a couple of years when the South Manchester All Ages Scene was buzzing and one band were at the centre of it all - The Mandigans!!!

Some classic early gigs took place at Bar Amp before the band went on to support the likes of Example and General Fiasco, sell out headline gigs to hundreds in South Manchester and the riotious Skins Beach Party

And then well.......... they split....and the South Manchester music scene's been pretty barren ever since

18 months later Bolton / Bury band The Versions took up the baton and covered the lost indie classic The Girl Next Door at a Designer Magazine gig

Have a gander at the cover below and then look at the classic Urbis Acoustic vid below

As the video said more info


THE MANDIGANS - Download The Girl Next Door & all the classic for free (Soundcloud tab)


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