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Top Female Fronted Bands
By Lizzie Tupman from Running with Lions

I’ve been noticing a lot more female fronted bands recently, I used to shy away from the idea, because I didn’t want to be seen as another “Hayley Williams wannabe” or seem like another girl who doesn’t really have much of a passion for music, but who will sing for a band because it’s trendy right now. But let’s face it; females in rock music are empowering and awesome. And if there’s anyone I can relate to, it’s those women who are paving the way for girls like me.

1. Tonight Alive – Tonight Alive are a big reason that we are a band today. Basically, Tonight Alive has the perfect pop punk sound, great heavy songs and catchy hooks. I’ve always wanted a band, but was never really sure of how to go about it, I kind of thought one day it would just happen, so I concentrated on making my own music on my own, until I saw Tonight Alive performing at Manchester Academy opening for Never Shout Never. It was un expected, I saw so much of myself in their vocalist Jenna McDougall and it helped me realise what I wanted, and that I wanted to be in a band so much I had to really try to find one. I’ve actually met Jenna a few times, the last time I met her she even remembered my name. She constantly inspires me.

2. Courage My Love – Courage My Love are a Canadian band, consisting of two twin sisters, Mercedes and Phoenix Arn Horn, and bassist Brandon Lockwood. Mercedes plays sings and plays guitar (better than most men I’ve ever seen), Phoenix plays drums and sings, and Brandon plays bass. I’m not sure exactly what genre I’d fit them into, they’re quite heavy, one way I’d describe them is kick ass. Not only is the band a three piece including two girls, but they’re all really young, so if they’re this great now, where will they be soon?

3. Paramore – We all know who Paramore are, and some of us might try to deny enjoying their music, but let’s just be honest, you’ll sing along to their music. They are a great band. Rumours may have disrupted them, but they make great music. Personally I would say Hayley Williams has the best female vocal I’ve ever heard, her styles is great, her stage present is great, I can’t fault her.

So, there’s my top 3 female fronted bands, there are plenty more out there, such as No Doubt, We are the in crowd, The pretty reckless, Halestorm, no matter what genre you’re into there’s probably a great female fronted band in there at the moment, and it’s fantastic. Thank you for reading and please check out my band Running With Lions.

Lizzie Tupman


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