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Why I Love Being in a Band....

After spending over 10 years in the wilderness as far as playing in a band is concerned I made the decision almost 12 months ago to invest some of my hard earned money in a new bass guitar and amp with the intention of finding a band somewhere around the midlands. As it happened there was very little around the are that took my interest and as chance would happen a friend of mine put me onto a Manchester band that was looking for a new bass player. I got in contact, set a date and went along for an audition in December 2012 and the rest as they say is history.

Being in a band gives you a sense of belonging, there are very few situations where you can meet a group of complete strangers and in less than a year count them as some of your closest friends. Playing and writing music has really brought us together, we trust each other and value each others opinions, especially creatively. I know that outside the band I can rely on my band mates if I need them. I've had a blast since meeting the other guys, we are a real mix of personalities, we have the usually quiet guy and the complete extrovert (we did have the nice new shy guy but he is quickly becoming the young cheeky git). The one thing I never counted on was how much being in a band would positively effect my life outside the band. Many of my other friends love music and I actually see far more of them these days at gigs than ever before. My wife also loves getting involved with the band and often comes down to rehearsals, she is an ever present figure and gigs and on occassion puts up the others falling asleep on the sofa after a few too many shandy's.

Being in a band is what you make of it, if you get involved and make the most of every opportunity it can be a really positive experience. I'd recommend to anyone giving it a go and don't be put off if you don't find the right band straight away. You should be comfortable with the style of music and your band mates, if not then you may not get the most out of the experience.

Bass Player - The Brakes

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