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Seize The Chance EP Track by Track with the Band

On Monday 1st April, Seize The Chance release our debut self titled EP! A lot of work went into the songs, both writing and recording with the fantastic Adam Steele at Banter Media Studios (would highly recommend!) So here's a short insight into the meanings behind those songs:

1. Moment (Mike)

It's track 1 on the EP for a reason! This first track quickly sums up what Seize The Chance are about; it's a fast paced, easy to listen to, fun filled tune. By the time the middle 8 kicks in, the song already has a huge atmospheric feel to it. Lyrically the song is about having good times and the memories that you're able to look back on that come with that. It's also about doing things with a positive mind set and trying to see the good side of a bad situation. The chorus is catchy beyond belief with the lyrics "We'll just get lost living in this sense of euphoria" taking centre stage, without a doubt a song in which I can't wait to hear people scream the lyrics back at me!

2. Life Without The Past (Ben)

To the untrained ear, this song sounds like another 'I'm over you' breakup song, but it's much much more. The main theme running through the song is friends, both your own, who help you through the tough times after a split, showing you what real situation was with the love goggles removed, and also other peoples, who make s*** up to your ex to put you in 'the wrong' or so it would seem from all their lies. With the constant driving guitar and subtle melodies added over the top, this song really hammers home the message 'have a good time, and never doubt your mates'.

3. Something There (Ben)

This, the sad song of the EP still has a somewhat righteous message behind it. We all know that sometimes, relationships don't work out, usually for a reason, and it's hard to take, so it's 10 times more difficult to stomach when there was no explanation behind a breakup. This song is for those who've been left wondering in the past, as to why, when things were going so well, they come to an abrupt halt without so much as a how do you do, and all you can think is that the person you were with was just too blind to see how much they had in front of them. This song not only uses emotive clean sounds to portray the sadness of the track perfectly, it features a much heavier section to show that this isn't just going to be forgotten, there's anger behind the confusion as well. 'It's not my fault, it's your own'.

4. It's Up To Ourselves (Summer 2012) (Mike)

This song is actually over a year old, it was written during a time in early 2012 when I was going through the same mediocre routine day in day out and yet the longest summer of my life was so close. There's 2 parts to the song, the part at the begining is reminiscent of a slow pop punk ballad. The lyrics here are basically about looking at the times I used to have with my friends and realising how ace they were but at the same time realising they are never going to happen again. In contrast, the second part is a fast, straight out pop punk anthem. The lyrics in this section lean more towards about promising myself how i'll make times as good as those in the past happen again. It's arguably the most energetic song we have! When playing this live we've seen the entire crowd jumping, mosh pits and I may of even had a bit of a stage dive to it ;)

We're really proud of what we've achieved with this EP, 5 months ago we didn't even know each other! Please head over to our Facebook page where you can find links to all our tunes, one will be released each day this week and physicals will be available from Friday if you liked what you heard at just £2 each! Get down to our Designer Magazine gig at Roadhouse on 20th April and see these tracks live in the energetic way we portray them! See you there!

By Mike and Ben of Seize The Chance

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