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* Why I Love Being In A Band - by The Brakes

* University Will Tear Us Apart - Or Keeping A Band Together During University

* Eternal Quarter - Interview with the hard rock band from Manchester

* 10 Reasons Promoters Aren't Booking Your Touring Band

* Blank Cheque - Interview with the twin brothers from Stockport

* Disfunktional - Interview with the 6 piece electro hip hop band from Bolton

* Small Green Invasion - interview with the Stockport 3 piece

* Why You Should Never Give Up Practising?

* Youth - Manchester Hardcore - Interview

* Thirty Aethyrs - Interview with Manchester's unique metal band

* A few common and unacceptable reasons for cancelling a gig

* Fan-funded Projects, Ginger Wildheart and your Band

* The Song Remains Inane

* Top Female Fronted Bands

* 4 Steps to Perfecting Your Set List

* 5 Reasons You Should Change Your Setlist Every Single Gig

* Are you in the 50% Club? Music Marketing Advice

* Bleach Blood - Jamie Jazz from King Blues new band - Interview

* Keeping You Voice - Looking After Your Vocal Chords

* How Big An Influence Are Your Influences? By the Hero Complex

* Make Promises / Not Excuses About Your Gigs - Music Marketing

* Music Theory - A Necessary Evil?

* Muttley - Manchester Punk Scene, Nakedness and more

* My Extraordinary - Interview

* Post Zero - The Shallows EP - Track By Track

* Seize The Chance - EP Track By Track Preview

* Tell It Again - Manchester Band behind Ghost EP - Interview

* WWWeality - An Essay on Human Interaction and Cyberspace

* 20 Questions Your Band Needs To Ask Constantly About Social Media

* My Hero - Bass Edition


* The Bacillus - Music Meets Politics

* Facebook Encourages Ticket Sales Via Its Facebook Events Update - news

* How To Grow A Song From The Ground

* The Importance Of Being Individual

* Seize The Chance To Promote Your Gig Differently

* Villagers - A Band To See Live


* 8 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Recording Studio Sessions

* A CURSE. A BLESSING. A MESSAGE OF HOPE - You are not alone - D
epression. Self harm. Suicide.

* Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebow - Review

* Creating Music - Creating Photographs: A Look at why photos are important for your band

* Don't (Always) Ignore The Charts: Three Things Songwriters can Learn From Pop

* Finding A New Favourite Band - / Spotify / Music Blogs

* Is Guitar Music Dying... or is it coming full circle?

* Is it worth it, when all you hear on the radio is .... ?

* It's Snow Joke Your Gigs Quiet, But Don't Blame It On The Weatherman

* Musical Influences - Natural or Forced

* Positive Choices, Positive Changes - Manchester Hardcore with a difference

* The Problems With Being Young And In A Band - what do I write about?

* Recording Your First Demo and Manchester Recording Studio Directory

* Second Chances With Music - Never Give Up and Never Give In

* Should You Bring Friends and Family to Gigs?

* Support The Scene Begins In The School Yard

* The Successful Musicians Guide To Greatness

* Top 5 Albums of 2012 ft All Time Low / Set It Off / Young Gun / Halestorm / Pierce The Veil

* Where did all the good math go? A look at Math Rock

* Where's Joe Strummer: The Gravity Searching For The Ground - a brief history of The Rubys

* Why you need to set goals for your band this year? Music Career Blog

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